How to Bring Back Reading "For Fun"

Not going to lie, it can be challenging to find time to read as an adult. You get up for work in the morning, head to the office, grab lunch with coworkers, make the commute home, cook dinner, watch Stranger Things, climb into bed, and repeat. Forever. How are you supposed to find time to read for fun? It’s tough, but if you can find time to scroll through Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Buzzfeed, and your email inbox, you can find time to read a book.

But Amanda, reading “for fun” isn’t a thing. It’s super boring. Maybe that’s because you’ve grown up with the idea that reading is something snooze-worthy that parents and teachers force you to do. Not anymore! Reading can reduce stress, help you sleep, improve vocabulary, and boost your intelligence. 

Reading for Fun

Find a book that gets you jazzed. (I promise they’re out there.)

I’m sorry, high school English teachers, but Heart of Darkness and The Canterbury Tales just didn’t do it for me. Nowadays, you can find me reading any and all books on being a girl boss, animal advocacy, or sometimes even a trashy romance novel (don’t judge). Think of the Netflix shows you watch, the Instagram accounts you follow, or the news articles you read. What are you naturally drawn to? Sports? Food? Professional development? Celebrity gossip? Fashion? Hit the interwebs to find books that deep dive into your interests.  

Prioritize your reading time.

Designate a specific time to read during your day. Lunch hour. During the commute to work (if you’re not driving). The first fifteen minutes of your day spent in bed scrolling through Facebook. The last fifteen minutes of your day spent in bed scrolling through Facebook. On the treadmill. You get the picture. The time to read exists - if you make it! 

Join a Book Club.

It’s like a gym for your brain. This is a great way to hold yourself accountable to finishing a book before the next winter rolls around so that you’ll be able to talk about it (with wine & cheese). Plenty of bookstores have monthly book clubs, and there is even a local wine bar I know of that hosts one. Not finding one you’re interested in? Check online for a digital club like the Wired Book Club or Our Shared Shelf. Talking with strangers still not your thing? Get your closest friends together and make your own!   

Don’t force it.

I know a lot of people who view reading as a literal chore. They equate it to emptying the dishwasher, folding that bottomless pile of clothes, or watching paint dry. The only way to change that mindset is to read things you’re genuinely interested in. If you’re in the middle of a book that is total garbage, you don’t have to finish it! To me, it feels like a waste of my time to finish reading something I’m bored with just to say I finished it. Who cares? Move on to something that will serve you. And then you’ll want to read more of that stuff.

I know it’s hard to make time to read, you won’t find me setting a goal in January to read 52 books over the next year. But, I’m trying to read more when I can to learn a thing or two and to keep this old brain ticking. The books I do read that I end up loving will be shared here, so stay tuned for book reviews to come! Happy reading, bookworms!