She's All Matte

Fellow lipstick lovers, I think we can all agree that the biggest lipstick trend lately is all matte everything. So long satin, goodbye gloss, hello matte.  I’ll fully admit that I’ve jumped on that bandwagon.

Being the bold lip addict that I am, I’ve tried my fair share of matte lipsticks from Kylie Lip Kits to Colourpop to the $4 drugstore finds to the can’t-believe-I-just-spent-that-much-on-lipstick Sephora finds. I’ll spare your wallet the same agony – check out my favorite matte lippies here!

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How to Bring Back Reading "For Fun"

Not going to lie, it can be challenging to find time to read as an adult. You get up for work in the morning, head to the office, grab lunch with coworkers, make the commute home, cook dinner, watch Stranger Things, climb into bed, and repeat. Forever. How are you supposed to find time to read for fun? It’s tough, but if you can find time to scroll through Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Buzzfeed, and your email inbox, you can find time to read a book.

But Amanda, reading “for fun” isn’t a thing. It’s super boring. Maybe that’s because you’ve grown up with the idea that reading is something snooze-worthy that parents and teachers force you to do. Not anymore! 

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How to Make the Most of a Work Trip

Don’t you wish that every trip you take could be a tropical vacation to the Caribbean with endless sunshine, strong margaritas, and sandy toes? If you’re in the corporate working world, at some point you may need to travel for business – beach not included. Replace the sunshine and sandy toes with fluorescent convention center lights and high heels.

I’m here to assure you that work trips don’t have to be all bad! With a little bit of curiosity and a splash of pre-trip homework, you can turn your business travel into an awesome mini-vacation. 

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10 Non-Scary Movies to Get You Hype for Halloween

Happy October! Those who know me well know that there are a few things I avoid like the plague: ice skating, public speaking voluntarily, and watching scary movies. Bloodcurdling screams, murderous villains, and possessed demon children? No, thank you - I'll pass. 

So, what's a girl to do to get in a happy Halloween mood? Over the years I've curated a list of non-scary Halloween movies that has become near and dear to my heart. On any given weekend in October, you'll find me on the couch tuning into one of these. Here's to all my fellow scaredy cats - enjoy! 

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